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5 Signs a Roofer Should Look For During an Inspection

A roof is the home’s primary source of protection from the elements, and as such, the homeowner should make sure it stays intact. However, like other shields, a roof has its weak spots, and there’s always the potential for failure. Whether a roofer is starting from scratch or repairing a home’s current roof, they should look for these signs of trouble.


A leak is one of the biggest roofing disasters, whether it’s in a poorly installed new roof or an older one. Leaks commonly occur at joints such as the one between the chimney and roof, and they can also happen at penetration points where flashing is used. When the roof is installed, the membrane should be sufficient and the seams should be solid.


Whether the roof has a high or a low pitch, it must be designed to prevent the collection of standing water, which can cause gradual degradation. Roofs should be installed with a very slight taper to prevent ponding, and drains should be kept clear to allow water to run off and away from the home.


To prevent blown-away shingles, the roofing contractor should look at areas such as those around pipes, chimneys and other penetration points. When the roof is newly installed, the seams should not be exposed to the elements until they are cured, or they might lift in the future.

Cracks and Punctures

An aging roof is more likely to be damaged by the weather. Punctures and other problems may occur when objects strike the roof, and leaks may not show until much later. Cracked and broken shingles can also cause leaks, and a contractor can inspect them annually for damage. Gutters should be cleaned regularly, and they should quickly remove water so it doesn’t stay in one place for too long.

Warping and Shrinking

Over the years, shingles can blister, buckle and curl. During the contractor’s annual inspection, he or she will look for indications of damage. As roofing warps and shrinks, it’s more likely to leak or come off during a storm. If the roof is severely damaged, part or all of it may need to be replaced.

Whether the owner needs a new roof or minor repairs, they can count on local contractors for help, inspections and advice. By looking for the above trouble signs, homeowners can protect their roof and their investment.

How To Create The Best Marketing Strategy

Most experts who have studied marketing know that out of sight means out of mind. Giving customers products with a logo on it is a very effective marketing strategy. It is an excellent way to keep a specific brand on the minds of potential customers. Promotional products are also a very good way to rise above the competition. Consumers will remember the name and details of a company if they are given a unique promotional gift. It should be an item that will be used often and make them think about the company as much as possible. This marketing technique can also help to increase customer loyalty.

Most people work about eight hours per day and sit in one spot for a majority of the time. When a promotional item is used in the office it is a chance to access very valuable advertising space. An office desk is an excellent place to advertise products by utilizing promotional gifts. Companies should choose promotional items that will end up on a desk because it is the best way to reach potential clients or customers. It may be a picture frame, cup, pen holder, stress ball, lanyard, clock, or any other item that is often seen on a desktop. The possibilities are endless and it is a very effective way to advertise specific products and services.

A promotional item is also an excellent gift for employees. It is a great way to reward them for doing good work and allows the company to continue with effective marketing solutions. It is possible to invest in expensive looking gifts at very reasonable prices. Employees will enjoy being rewarded for hard work and use the gift often so they will always remember they are appreciated. It is a very effective way to increase morale, productivity, and positivity throughout the company.

Now is the best time to discover all of the effective uses of promotional items. These items can create long-term relationships with customers and clients who will keep coming back for the services or products. Business owners should not underestimate the power of giving away promotional gifts.