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Achieve Success. Implement a Comprehensive Business Strategy

By Cindy Luken

Cindy Luken is an entrepreneur, modern mum and food lover who is currently undertaking a new business venture, luk beautifood. Enjoy part two of this In Her Shoes interview!

Cindy Luken is an entrepreneur, modern mum, food lover and former biscuit baker, who you may recognise from her biscuit brand Luken & May, which she sold in 2003. She’s currently on a new undertaking with her latest business, luk beautifood.

In this In Her Shoes interview, Cindy discusses:

the business plan of her new venture
how to create a business that is saleable
the importance of having a clear exit strategy in place
the benefits of outsourcing
the accessibility of entering into business for modern mum’s

Enjoy part two of this interview with Cindy Luken!